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Baby Bookworms

February 04, 2019

Where better to start for our first newsletter than with our range of bookshelves. Reading is a huge part of a young child’s life and can be a fundamental factor in establishing a good bedtime routine. There’s nothing better than sitting down with your child at the end of a busy day and getting some relaxing down time and losing yourselves in a book. It’s truly incredible to watch a child’s development progress as they grow to love different characters and learn more and more words from the story as time goes on.

An open faced bookcase not only makes a great key feature to a child’s bedroom with a pop of colour but is also a way to encourage your child to choose their own books. Instead of in a box somewhere away or in a pile on the floor, they’re all on display ready for their favourite characters to jump out saying “Pick me!” An open-faced book shelf gives maximum exposure for literature in their bedroom and is an excellent way to distract them away from too much screen time. It’s proven that children who read more before starting school have an easier time settling into lessons and have a wider vocabulary. Reading is at the forefront of education and having access to a range of books at home, beautifully displayed, is great for them.

Storing books doesn’t have to be boring, in a deserted corner of the room collecting dust! Nor does it have to be something the interior designer inside you shudders in horror at. Make it fun and choose something your child (and you!) with love. We have a wide range of colourful bookshelves and pastels to suit any bedroom and with enough space for plenty of books it gives you all the more reason to fill it and get reading with your child. 16% of adults claim they don’t read to their child due to the child’s preference to do other things, so why not make it fun with a fairy bookcase or a jungle safari. Choose books with brightly coloured front pages and memorable story lines. Kids love animals and see them so often in cartoons, books, on cereal boxes, some just out their car window or even at the zoo, so why not bring those tall giraffes and cheeky monkey’s right into their bedroom. How many can they name? Watch their vocabulary grow as they start to learn their favourites!